Do this one thing to be successful at weight loss

If you really want to lose weight then you have to be able to do this one thing. Tonight I got off the phone with my dad after a long and frustrating conversation about weight loss. If you read my book then you already know he is one of the reasons I wrote it. While you would think that the father of a fitness guy like myself would have it all figured out, he is no different than all of us here. He struggles with the same issues we all do before starting 300ND.

He hasn’t been able to crack the weight loss because of his failure to do the one thing that matters the most. Just like most of us we don’t want to do it because it is difficult. Very difficult. In fact, it permeates every aspect of our lives. If we look to any problem we have in life we will find that it boils down to this one thing. What is that one thing?

The one thing is this – be honest with yourself about yourself. Stop lying to yourself.

My father’s weight issues did not spring up last night. They have been ongoing for 40 years. If you listen to him then you would believe that he put on an extra 100 pounds in the last month. If you listen to him you would believe that he eats healthy, but if you watch him you would see the beers, bloody Mary’s, cans of whip cream, triple cheeseburgers and much more. And then you would realize that the truth is much different than the perception.

It wasn’t until I became honest with myself about myself that I was able to make serious changes in my lifestyle and weight loss. When I woke up and realized that I was consuming 7,000 calories a day and drinking like a pirate on holiday that I was able to make advances in my weight loss goals. Then and only then was I able to drop 62 pounds and 9 inches on my waist.

So if you really want to lose weight first admit to yourself the truth about yourself. You most likely don’t exercise and you most likely eat more than you should or stuff that is bad for you. If you want to learn more get my book or join our accountability program.

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