The power of white rice

Look, carbs get a bad rap. White rice – the ultimate evil.  The devil himself.  That’s what most diets will tell you.  Just look at the menu at so many restaurants these days and you will see the pull towards brown rice.  So, why don’t we here at 300ND tell you to drop the white rice?

First, some of the world’s longest living and healhiest people on the planet eat white rice daily.  Not brown rice.  White rice.  How can this be?  How can people eat white rice two and three times a day and remain trim and fit?  The secret is not the carbs.  It’s the amount of rice consumed.  A better way to say it – everything in moderation.  This is one of the main pillars of 300ND.

America is drowning people in portion sizes and that goes for the amount of rice/carbs put on the plate.  Not to mention, America throws 40% of its food away as waste.  So what’s that tell you about portion sizes here in America – they are MONSTER.  They are MASSIVE.

Secondly, people in the healthy parts of the world do something we don’t.  They move.  And they move a lot.  They walk to the train stations, walk to the stores.  Walk to meet their friends.  They are just generally more active.  Being active is another pillar of 300ND.  Movement means that they burn up those carbs for energy.

When you implement 300ND, you will move a lot more than you have been and you will be eating in moderation.  That combination will power you day after day.

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